100 People Who Are Screwing Up America  

This is the second of Bernard Goldberg’s books that I have read. The first was Bias. Out of the two I would say that 100 People was better because it was more informative. They both have different objectives but I enjoyed the broad scope of this one as opposed to just focusing on Dan rather. As I stated before, my wife and I read this one together. We were introduced to a host of people we didn’t know about already. As you might expect, it was mostly conservative, but not entirely. There are several entries that we completely agreed with and some that we didn’t. Some are comical while others are completely serious even though they appear to be jokes. My wife’s favorite was this entry.

Michael Jackson:

If this needs to be explained to you, you don’t need to be reading this book.

What I identified with the most was the way he called out the people trying to scam the American justice system. This is the same reason I love watching Small claims court television shows.


  1. Liz  

    dude, I love your blogs. They make me laugh after a long day at work. You're awesome and I wish I could spend more time with you and your cute wife. By the way, I had to sign up for a blog just to comment on your page ... dork.

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